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"I have to say, without question, John Williams has been the single most significant contributor to my success as a filmmaker." -Steven Spielberg

KNOCK ME DOWN (Song/Lyrics)



DEMO REEL (O'Connell Music Co.)

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So you have the perfect movie; now you need a compelling soundtrack. Not just any soundtrack. You need the perfect, gripping soundtrack to captivate your audience, turn heads and differentiate your film from the competition. Award-winning twin brothers Eric O'Connell and Steve O'Connell have built a reputation as the authority on composing custom scores and soundtracks to hit all your targeted emotions, bull's-eye every time. 

Ranging from beautiful, romantic piano ensembles to Eminem-style raps to edgy, unnerving works that will make the hair on your neck stand up, these guys are transforming works of cinematic art into blockbuster magic with their custom scores. Check out the clips and samples below to see the waves Eric and Steve and making in the world of composing custom soundtracks for movies, film, TV, commercials, and video games. 

"Eric and Steve helped to propel and transcend my words and the actor’s performances to another level. It is my sincere hope that both Eric and Steve continue to receive the acclaim for their musicality that they so richly deserve. Greater is coming!"
-Eric A. (Director), Atlanta, GA

"I'm always looking for gems of talent for my films and was so happy to find these guys. These guys are GREAT! Amazing, outstanding work! One of the best up and coming composers."
-Pauline N. (Producer), Cleveland, OH

"Better than I could have imagined. Thanks, man! Love it!
-Chris H. (Producer), Cleveland, OH